Our Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy is set in an approach not only embracing the developments and innovations throughout the world but also respecting our cultures and values, based on the corporate identity and business ethics for such employees taking initiatives and risks, making efforts to maximize their personal skills in teamwork, adding values to themselves and those around them, working under work schedules and discipline supporting our corporate entrepreneurship. 
Our incremental growth is a result of the professional approach and motivation of our employees, which is also the guarantee for our future successes. 
In the light of these commitments, our Basic Principles are to: 

Ensure that a qualified labor force is attracted within our organization with such education and skills required for the respective positions under the principle of equal opportunity.
Attempt to solve any dispute that may disturb the labor peace between the employees in an amicable manner.
Recognize the personnel not only a manufacturing factor but also a social asset and, ensure that their rights are protected during employment.
Consider the recommendations and expectations of the employees.
Create such working conditions where the employees are provided necessary training for continuous improvement of their potentials.
Encourage the employees to take responsibility for the consequences of the works they have performed.
Monitor and reward the contributions, successes, and performances of the employees.
Reinforce the motivation and loyalty of the employees to create a sense of belonging.
Consider the balance between business and private life.
Provide such an environment where the employees may work peacefully, happily and comfortably.
Create and maintain such a working environment where the awareness of occupational health, safety, and environment are considered.