Bejaia RN43 Road Construction Project

This project contains the arrangement works of the national road on 11,5 km, survey works, and construction of the tunnels. This project is composed of 3 sections. Section 1 contains the construction of 11,5 km road, Section 2 contains the construction of the tunnels and electrification on 11,5 km road, section 3 contains the construction of the viaducts. There are 3 tunnels which are 880 m, 635 m and 268 m and 137 m emergency tunnel.

Location ALGERIA
Contractor OZGUN INSAAT – ETRHB Joint Venture
Client DTP Bejaia
Project Scope
  • 11,5 km road 
  • 3 tunnels 1,783 m
  • 137 m emergency tunnel