Metro Istanbul Construction Work between Unkapanı - Taksim

The construction work of Unkapanı-Taksim which is the first step of the 5.2 km Taksim-Yenikapi Subway line consists of approximately 2,600 m main line and 2 stations (Şişhane, Unkapanı). Works carried out within the scope of the project Sishane approached tunnel, excavation, support and concrete pavement for tunnels between km:8+145 - km:8+770 for line 2 and km:8+125 – km:8+750 for line 1. Excavation, support and concrete pavement works of type P ventilation tunnel and Istiklal Street pedestrian transit tunnel. NATM, pre-supporting with Umbrella Arch Method in weathered greywacke, PVC waterproofing membrane, reinforced concrete inner lining methods were executed in tunnels.

Location TURKEY
Client İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Project Scope 1.250 m metro tunnel